Fold Cranes for KyoAni

Sunflowers represent longevity, friendship, strength, happiness, and positivity. Just as these flowers have bloomed repeatedly throughout Kyoto Animation titles, so too has the studio embodied these traits and shared them with us.

We prepared this sunflower template to print if you don’t have materials already. However, please feel free to use any origami paper you’d like and write any messages you can fit.

From your hands to theirs, we will make certain to deliver them to Kyoto Animation.

Please mail folded cranes to:

2127 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Our Statement

As many of you know, Kyoto Animation fell victim to a devastating arsonist attack.

Kyoto Animation is home to heartfelt anime, including ones we have been fortunate enough to represent in North America, like A Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird, and Sound! Euphonium. The studio has flourished by telling stories about the human condition with the utmost respect to both their craft and their own staff. The loss of so many lives who shared nothing but passion and positivity with the world is absolutely heartbreaking.

While we are still waiting to hear how we can best offer monetary support, we have been speaking with our partners in Japan who are in direct contact with Kyoto Animation representatives. These conversations have emphasized the importance of every form of love and support directed at the staff and their families.

Kyoto Animation is a studio that reveres and upholds tradition. We wanted to echo this sentiment by collecting paper cranes to gift the beloved studio during their time of healing. It is our hope that this gift allows them to know we’re all thinking of them.

Kyoto Animation has long stood as a guiding light in the anime industry and  community. During this dark time, we’ve found comfort in the overwhelming love and efforts from the community. We hope many of you will join us in folding paper cranes as physical tokens of our support.

Our hearts are with Kyoto Animation, their friends, their family, and with you.    

Sending love,