Daytime Drinking

Things look different from the bottom of the bottle.


After breaking up with his girlfriend, Hyuk-jin hits a bar in Seoul with his friends. However, upon getting there, none of his friends show up. Even worse, the festival they were headed to was weeks ago, and the tiny beach town is shuttered- the shops aren't open, there are no other tourists there, and the beach is freezing cold. After mistaking a hotel, he embarks on a bizarre adventure. Because he respects the etiquette of Korean drinking culture, he finds it difficult to refuse a drink when offered one. With his friends still saying they'll come, but not showing up, and his wallet gone, Hyuk-jin has to figure out how get out of what must surely be the world's worst hangover, get back to Seoul, and end his drunken odyssey.


Young-seok Noh


Sam-dong Song, Sang-yeop Yuk, Kang-hee Kim


Korean (with English subs)